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Author and illustrator:

- Bilder berättar, 2021
- Svenska Landskapssymboler - 2021
- Formgiven - från vax till brons, 2018
- Seen and unseen, 2017
- Så som jag ser det, 2015
- East of the Sun, 2011
- In Flying White, 2005
- Especially with Hedda, 1996
- Golden Eagle, 1991
- Nordic Impressions, 1991
- The Divine Landscape, 1989
- Sketches from Nature, 1988

Lennart Sand is represented in many book editions as co-author and illustrator. He can also be found in art catalogues and bibliofiles in Sweden and abroad.

One example among others is - The red fox in art (John Orrelle), 2013

red fox uppslag 2.png
red fox.png
svenska landskaps djur.png
bilder berättar.png
så som jag ser det.png
bildminnen och minnesbilder.png
Nordic impress.png
Det beskjälande.png
Sett och osett.png
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